Pineapple Wills & Estates

Ever wondered what would happen if you, well, unexpectedly peace out and leave this circus?

Without a Will, it’s basically a free-for-all with your stuff, and not in the fun, treasure-hunt kind of way.

When there’s a  will...

"Pineapple" written in handwriting

Long story short, with a Pineapple Will, you will have full control over how your money, property or possessions will be shared out.

Used to have a little, now you have a lot? Or not.

Having a Will is important.

When there’s no Will…

Anything can happen...


Living your best life with your not-so-official better half?

Well, you should’ve put a ring on it because, without a Will...

Your life savings, beloved GTi, family home and expensive Le Creuset collection you’ve been working on for +-15 years will not go to your partner.

Not the plan?
A Will can fix that.


Got a spouse and a squad of munchkins? Without a Will, your significant other could end up with everything, leaving your tiny clones with zip, zilch, nada!

And, if your family tree has more branches than the Kruger National Park, well, without a Will, dividing your stuff could get more ruthless than an episode of Survivor.

TBH, You’d be better off consulting a magic-8 ball to decide who gets what at this point.

Not the plan?
A Will can fix that.

Parents & Siblings

No partner or kids to brag about? Well, without a will, your stash might end up back where it all started, with your folks or siblings.

Imagine your hard-earned cash funding your sister's “experimental art” or, better, your brother's dream of starting a band at 40.

Love the idea? Didn’t think so.

Not the plan?
A Will can fix that.

Distant Relatives

Flying solo in the immediate family department?

Well, without a will, your stuff might get more distant than your 10-year high school reunion. Fancy gifting creepy Uncle Larry (that one relative on your mother's side) your home?

What about dividing your hard-earned cash among relatives you never even knew existed?

Sound good? Thought as much.

Not the plan?
A Will can fix that.

No relatives

If the law cannot find anyone remotely related to you (and you know they are going to look super hard), your stuff will go to the government!

Imagine funding ESKOM or an initiative to “fill” potholes?

Dreams really do come true, right? Yes? No?

Not the plan?
A Will can fix that.

How we can help...

Ditch the handwritten Will you’re hoping someone will find buried in a dusty book.

With Pineapple, a specialist will draft a professional Will, tailored for you.

The “No Frills” Will

  1. In-person consultation with a Pineapple Wills and Estate expert at your office or your home, during or after office hours.
  2. First draft of your Will sent within 48 hours for signing
  3. We will collect the Will at your convenience
  4. Secure storage for your Will’s safekeeping
  5. Unlimited amendments

R7 999.98*


*Valued at R7 999.98

*100% discounted with a Pineapple quote

The “All the Frills” Will

  1. Everything included as part of the “No Frills” Will
  2. Expert estate valuation
  3. Cover for the cost of dying (expected estate fees/duties) (i)
  4. Tailored cover to suit your needs and circumstances
  5. Certainty that all fees and administration will be handled at death

Starting from

R97.40* P/M

Cover amount of up to  R5 583 809* to cover all legal costs

*Your monthly fee will be determined by your age and the approximate value of your possessions & estate

"All The Frills" Will (Legacy Protection PlanTM) is brought to you by Pineapple in partnership with Capital Legacy, an authorised FSP, underwritten by Guardrisk Life Ltd, a licensed life insurer.

Optional Add-Ons

These add-ons help to keep things light, even when the situation is as heavy as your grandmother's fruit cake at Christmas.


So you’ve taken your final bow, and while the crowd’s still clapping, your family has unexpected bills to pay. Funerals, last-minute flights, a mountain of takeaways because who’s cooking?!

This added benefit sends money to your loved ones within 48 hours for immediate relief. It’s like that one friend who always has gum but for unexpected funeral costs.

Starting from:

R30.89* P/M

Payout of up to  R128 000*

Estate overheads

Wrapping up your earthly affairs? Not as instant as a microwave meal, and the unexpected costs can crank up the heat for your family. We’re not just talking about the paperwork fees, clearing out your pad and those estate ads that say “Sale: Everything Must Go!”.

It’s more than that, it’s the cost to cover the monthly bills in your absence. Electricity (because who likes dining by candlelight unless it's intentional?), medical aid, school fees, groceries and yes, even insurance (ironic, isn’t it?) - because the show must go on!

This added benefit sends money to the estate executor faster than you can say, “I left it all to my cat, Frank”.

Starting from:

R45.31* P/M

Cover amount of up to  R230 000*


Imagine this plot twist: both you and your partner unexpectedly ghost the world together. Romantic? Maybe, in like a Baz Luhrmann ‘Romeo + Juliet’ kinda way . Financial nightmare for your family? Absolutely.

The double exit fee is no joke; finances are suddenly on a fast track to becoming drier than a Savannah. The worst part? You can’t drink it.

So, this added benefit is there to cushion the blow, covering those sneaky inheritance taxes and legal fees, ensuring your family’s taken care of and aren’t the ones left playing financial Tetris.

Starting from:

R66.73* P/M

Cover amount of up to  R3 000 000*

*Your monthly fee and payout will be determined by your age and the approximate value of your possessions & estate

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Pineapple Wills FAQs

What is a Will?

A last Will and Testament is a legal document that outlines how your assets and property should be distributed after you pass away. A last Will and Testament generally include:

  • Who your beneficiaries, heirs and legatees are: your Will stipulates who will benefit from your estate and what portion of your estate you bequeath (give) to them.
  • Whether a testamentary trust should be created for your minor children. 
  • Who the trustees should be if you do require a trust set up.
  • Nominating your preferred guardians of your minor children.
  • Who the executor of your estate should be.
  • Your last wishes, such as whether you want to be buried, be an organ donor, etc.

What is the “No Frills” Will™?

This is a cost-free Wills benefit brought to you by Pineapple, valued at R7999.98. We will draft, collect and store your Will for free.

What is the “All The Frills” Will™?

This cover is the most cost-effective way to provide funding to cover your estate's legal costs and fees when you pass away. "All The Frills" Will (Legacy Protection PlanTM) integrates with your Will to indemnify you against the legal fees and costs at death, including executor fees, conveyancing fees, testamentary trust fees and more.

What extras can you add to your “No Frills” and “All The Frills” Will™?

Immediate Liquidity™

When you pass away, your family could have limited access to money. This benefit ensures there is money paid to your dependents within 48 hours to cover immediate costs such as funeral expenses, travel arrangements and groceries. 

Estate Overheads Protector™

Estates take time to wrap up and there are costs that become an additional burden to your family. This benefit is available in cash to the executor of the estate, to help them pay for the costs related to the estate, such as Master’s fees, Correspondence fees, advertising costs and property clearance certificates and valuations.

Estate Gap Cover™

If both you and your spouse should pass away, it can be a financial shock to your beneficiaries. Through this benefit, you can provide for costs to the estate, like inheritance taxes and other additional legal costs as well as the loss of monthly income.