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How To Keep Your Kicks Clean Top Tip Tuesdays

Is there a better feeling than unboxing a new pair of kicks? Adding to that shoe collection? We didn’t think so 😉. From Nike to Adidas, Balenciaga, and more, if you want your ✨NEW✨ kicks to remain sparkling 🪄 and last longer then you need to protect them from the beginning. It may seem like a lot of work but trust us, it’s worth it 🙏🏽. Oh, and we will talk about how to get those shoes insured.

Treat ‘Em Good - Understood 👌

The best way to take care of your shoes is to treat them right from the start by preventing stains and wrinkles. When you cop a new pair give them a good coat using a shoe protector like ForceField 🛡️ from Shelflife .

Giving You A Clue, Stuff That Shoe 🗞️

After each wear, stuff your sneaks with scrunched-up newspaper. Not only is newspaper easily accessible but it’s also great at absorbing moisture 💦. Soooo if your feet sweat a lot or you’ve been caught in that summer rain the newspaper will help to dry them faster AND it reduces that ummm funky smell 🤢. Need another reason? It’ll help prevent toe creases - one of the biggest reasons your sneakers look old 👵.

Store Them Like You Never Wore Them 📦

Believe us - store them properly! And tosing them in a heap? Welcome to misshapen, dirty shoes. We suggest placing them on shoe racks - like these - when they aren’t being worn. Another hot tip: to prevent discolouration, store your sneakers away from direct sunlight. Unless you like the look? First prize, store them in the original box or dust bags to keep them looking crisp 💣.

More Than One Pair? Yeah, We Care 💞

Alternate the sneakers in your shoe collection. We know the excitement of a fresh pair of kicks but if you wear them two days, or more, in a row they won’t have time to dry or rest - yeah, those kicks need rest too 💤.

Washing Machine!? You’re Gonna Make Us Scream 🧼

Hey lazy-bones, stay away from the washing machine💀. Yeah, it may sound quick and easy but it’ll only increase wear and tear to the sneaker material and could also cause some stitches to come loose. Wash your sneakers by hand using a damp cloth to wipe away surface dirt and a shoe brush or even a toothbrush 🪥 (just make sure you dedicate it solely to your shoe collection) to remove stubborn stains.

LOVE Those Laces 🎀

News flash ⚡ - the laces are as important as the sneaker itself. Whether they’re factory laced or straight bar laced take care of them. You can brighten your laces by simply soaking them in a bowl of warm water and washing powder 🧽, let them sit awhile, and remove any stubborn stains with a toothbrush. Rinse thoroughly and hang them up to dry. Oooor change up your look and buy a new pair 💸. Add a variety of shoelaces to your shoe collection.

Grow Your Shoe Collection

Here is our list of SA's hottest (and MOST expensive) sneakers with starting from premium prices - because you will want these shoes insured… 


Nike Dunk Low Premium Medium Curry

Sneakers Insured From: R98.63


Adidas Pharrell x NMD Human Race Trail “Holi Festival”

Sneakers Insured From: R85.00

Air Jordan 6 Retro White Infrared 2014

Sneakers Insured From: R86.00


Adidas YEEZY Foam RNNR “MXT Moon Grey” sneakers

Sneakers Insured From: R87.46


Adidas YEEZY 700 V3 ‘KYANITE’

Sneakers Insured From: R85.55

Air Jordan 1 Mid Reverse Breed

Sneakers Insured From: R85.50


Sneaker Insurance in South Africa📄

If you love sneakers as much as we do, insure your shoe collection... with us😉. We know what you are thinking - insurance for sneakers, sneaker insurance? Say what?! Well, we say why not? Sneakers are expensive and s*#t happens so, if you love them, protect them🚨! We cover everything from theft 🕵️ to fire 🔥 for your sneaker collection.

Please see our Policy Wording and Terms & Conditions for more details on our sneaker collection insurance 🍍.

We hope you’ve found these tips helpful but before you go we just want to let you know... We’re Pineapple 🍍🍍🍍. Yes duh you know, but did you know you can get a quote for camera insurance 📷, couch insurance 🛋️, and even car insurance 🚗 in less than 90 seconds - no paperwork 🖊️, no calls 📲. Fuss-free! And just a friendly reminder - insure your sneakers!


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